Skyline Park

Overall Impression

Skyline Park is tucked away off Newton Street in Brookline, MA.  After driving up a short curvy hill, the park appears before you.  There are meticulous soccer fields, paved walkways, and a large playground area.  The playground area has two sections, one for older children and one for toddler aged kids.  The structures were new and well maintained.  In addition to the traditional slides, ladders, and swings, there is also a unique merry-go-round type apparatus, a circle swing to promote balance, and a covered area with picnic tables.  The entire playground area is fenced in which is a big plus and all the fences actually latch tightly which is lacking at some other playgrounds.  The ground is peppered with mulch and the playground was very clean.  Overall, this playground earns a big thumbs up on the mommy and kid front!

Nitty Gritty

Climb, Climb, Climb: Two separate sections appropriate for both toddlers and school aged children

“All Done”: My son never uttered the words “all done”.  This playground had a lot of unique structures and elements that kept the interest high.

Afraid of Heights: There is no sandbox but there is a swing set.  The swing set has 4 regular swings, 1 infant swing, and 1 swing that is handicap accessible.  The numerous walking paths also provide a great alternative to the playground space.

The Escape Factor: There will be no escaping from this spot.  The whole playground area is well fenced in with latches that close tightly!

Hit the Ground Running: The ground here is covered in a thick layer of mulch…great for runners, not great for crawlers.

Braving the Elements: Pack the sunscreen and caps because the structures are not covered by shade.

Snack Time: There is a shaded/covered area with several picnic tables.  There are no outside water faucets so bring along those sippy cups.

“Potty Please”: There are public restrooms at the park but I did not get to check them out.

Parking: There is plenty of parking…no worries!

Water, Water Everywhere: There are no water features or sprinklers at this park.

Donations: This park does not accept donated toys.

The Others: During my two hour visit, only four other children and their caregivers were at the park.  The caregivers were attentive but kept to      themselves.  This is probably not the best playground to score a future playdate.

815 Newton Street in Brookline, MA

Toddler climbing structure

School-aged climbing structure

Swings and covered picnic area

Awesome climbing wall

Unique circle balancing swing

Roped in merry-go-round

Two thumbs up, mommy!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Chris said,

    Good stuff! How can I contact you to talk about this?

  2. 2

    Stacey said,

    What a great review – thanks! I’ll have to check this one out.

  3. 3

    Erika said,

    This is a good park BUT I don’t recommend it on hot or windy days. Because it is at the top of a hill with no natural wind breaks or shade aside from the structures themselves, it can feel very exposed. It is ideal (and I think gets more traffic) on cooler or cloudy days.

    Also, every time I have gone there the restrooms were locked. But I’m sure they’re open sometime (maybe during soccer practice?).

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