Larz Anderson Park

Overall Impression

Larz Anderson Park is a secret jewel in Brookline, MA.  The park is a 64 acre estate that includes scenic walking paths, baseball fields, a playground, and many spots to picnic.  In the winter, there is even a skating rink!  The park as a whole is wonderful.  My son really enjoyed walking the paths picking up treasures along the way (rocks, sticks, and acorns).  There is even a water feature which includes a giant fountain and some photogenic Canadian Geese that swim at their leisure.  Nestled in the park are numerous picnic tables and benches for relaxing.  There is also a covered picnic area that includes charcoal  grills available to rent with a permit.  The playground is best accessed by the entrance on Goddard Street.  The playground is heavily shaded and fenced in.  Be aware however that one of the gates does not latch properly and I find this playground to be infamous for people not closing the gates which do latch behind them.  With regard to the structures, there are many.  Though there is a small structure perfect for toddlers, I find the other structures are geared more toward school aged children or toddlers ( and their caregivers) with no fear. The playground also includes a large swing set which includes belt swings, infant swings, and one adaptive swing.  I find this playground to be a bustling play spot for area children but due to its large size, it doesn’t feel crowded.  My best advice would be to gather up the kids, a picnic lunch, and a large blanket and make a day of it.  There is a lot more than just a playground here!

Nitty Gritty

Climb, Climb, Climb: There are multiple structures.  Though there is a small structure for toddlers, the majority of the structures are geared toward older climbers or those little ones with no fear!

“All Done”: Don’t worry if your little one tires of the structures…the walking paths and large fields provide an alternative outlet to release some energy.

Afraid of Heights: There is no sandbox but there is a swing set.

The Escape Factor: This is my biggest pet peeve about this playground.  It is completely fenced in but I often find the gates to be left open and there is one that does not latch properly.

Hit the Ground Running: The ground here is covered by mulch.  There is also a cement pathway that encircles the playground which often harbors kids on scooters or rollerblades.

Braving the Elements: This playground is very shady, perfect for those hot summer days.  This may seem like a strange tip but I would advise dressing your child in a brightly colored shirt because I find when I dress mine in more natural colors, they blend with all the shade and trees.

Snack Time: There are numerous picnic tables throughout the park (both covered and exposed).

“Potty Please”: There are public restrooms at the park but I did not get to check them out.

Parking: There is a small parking lot and on street parking spots as well.  The lot can get crowded during baseball games but I have never had a problem finding a spot.

Water, Water Everywhere: There are no sprinklers at this playground.

Donations: This park does not accept donated toys.

The Others: This playground is quite busy with very active children.  I find the caregivers to be friendly and often busy chasing their children. As for the rest of the park, there are often runners, dog walkers, nature lovers, etc taking in the views.

23 Newton Street Brookline, MA

Small structure great for toddlers

Larger structure

Larger structure

Swing set

Watch out for gates left open!

This gate does not latch completely

Covered picnic area

Charcoal grills available for rent

Scenic walking path and fountain

Check out the Canadian Geese!

Baseball field

Peek-a-boo, mommy!


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