Downes Playground

Overall Impression

Downes Playground, part of the Kraft Family Athletic Facility in Brookline, is a terrific play spot for those little ones out there.  The playground is situated at the corner of Pond Avenue and Jamaica Road.  Aside from the playground,  there are also soccer, football, and softball fields and a very nice running track.  My son enjoyed running around in all the open space and kicking a ball I brought from home.  There is a dog park at the end of the park opposite the playground but no dogs are allowed inside the fence of the playground.  The playground itself is home to a structure perfect for those beginning climbers and sliders. The structure included a few ladders, a curved bridge, and multiple slides. The ground cover around the structure included mulch and foam at the base of the slides.  Next to the structure is a large sand box with numerous donated pails, shovels, and dump trucks.  There is also a small swing set with two infant swings.  Lastly, there is a massive tree along the fence which provides some shade cover and lots of nooks and crannies for budding arborists to explore.  Between the open fields, the sand, the tree, the structure, and the water fountain, my little guy found plenty to keep busy!

Nitty Gritty

Climb, Climb, Climb: There is one structure that is just right for toddlers.  Older climbers may get bored.

“All Done”: The sand box and open fields provide lots of extra entertainment.

Afraid of Heights: There is a large sand box and a small swing set with two infant swings.

The Escape Factor: The entire playground section is fenced in!!!

Hit the Ground Running: The ground under the structure is covered in mulch with foam at the base of the slides.  There is cement around the sandbox and a few grassy spots for relaxing.

Braving the Elements: There is a huge tree which luckily provides lots of shade cover.  Some of the structure is however exposed to direct sunlight.

Snack Time: There are no picnic tables but there are several benches and a small grassy area (pack a blanket).  There is also a water faucet at this playground.

“Potty Please”: There are public restrooms at the park but I did not get to check them out.

Parking: There is a parking lot located on Pond Avenue directly across from the playground.

Water, Water Everywhere: There are no sprinklers at this playground.

Donations: This park does accept donated toys. Most of the toys were in decent shape!

The Others: This playground was not crowded.  I found a few other families at the playground with their children but most kept to themselves.  The remainder of the park is often filled with runners and dog lovers.

319 Pond Avenue Brookline, MA

Climbing structure

Climbing structure

Large sand box

Swing set

Massive tree provides shade cover and peaks curiosity

Track and football field

My very own shady fort!


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